Fallen off the edge of the earth?

I’ll bet many of you think that’s what happened to me…but actually, I’ve been here. Just so busy and reeling with all the stresses around here and all the extra stuff to do that I’ve just not had time to post anything.  But this morning, I looked out just after it got light, the morning after a snow (not a big one, but four inches or so) and saw all the snow on the trees, and how beautiful it looked and I had to share some photos. Let’s see if it works!



Took a while. They’ve changed the way things happen here at WordPress and the new system confuses me no end.  Anyway, this was the view I saw from the upstairs window as I looked out toward Ascutney, which is hidden behind the trees.


This is our house from the driveway with my special favorite tree.  I had a couple more of chickens and sheep, but now I can’t get them to this place.  And I really don’t have the patience to deal with it, so you’ll just have to trust me that it’s a beautiful morning here on the farm.

Our son continues to work on his house, currently on roof rafters. It is our sincere hope that within a month he will have enough done so they can move into the basement while he finishes the upper floors.  It is getting very old having such cramped and cluttered quarters.  He is working today, always a good thing!  So, I’m on childcare duty, which was upposed to mean home at 3, but Peter is sick, so it’s home all day instead.  I have knitting to do.  I’m on sock duty. The 30 pairs of socks I made last winter for Sue’s store are gone, so I need to restock the sock shelf.

I’ve had a lot of inquiries about lambs, so hopefully, I will be able to sell a lot of them this year.  It would be lovely to sell some breeding stock. Hay is very expensive.  And with sonJohn building on the lower meadow, I have much less pasture to use. I am trying to wrap my mind around reducing the flock considerably.  So far, I’m not doing very well.

Happy Winter.  I think the January thaw is finally over and we’ll now see some real weather.  Good!




One Response to “Fallen off the edge of the earth?”

  1. mary whitlock Says:

    Hi Betty, It was good to read your last post and see the beautiful
    pictures your posted. I check your blog now and then, and though
    I don’t write, I enjoy reading about your life in VT. I’m in awe of all you seem able to do. Hope you are enjoying having your son and
    grandchildren nearer to you and John.
    All is well here. We are almost at the end of a frigid spell here with
    some icey mix tomorrow and warmer weather to follow. Keep warm,
    and well, Betty.

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