Finally, ready for winter…almost…

It seems like the minute you think you’re all ready for winter, something else you should do pops into your mind. This year has been difficult, keeping up with chores, because with son and grands living here, there is so much more to do, seemingly waiting on them, keeping track of them, riding herd on them to keep their rooms clean, their beds made, their laundry done, and John has been working with sonJohn on the house, neglecting his own chores, and hopefully not working himself into a heart attack, trying to keep up with a 43 year old.

So, yesterday, I went to Marlboro, 1-1/4 hours away, to pick up Hazel Goatie-Girl, who was being bred.  Ew, she smells awful.  Buck smell is terrible.  I got some on my hands, and even after three washings with various soaps, they still smelled.  Then I remembered FELS NAPTHA, and the smell is gone.  Great stuff.  I’ve been making laundry detergent out of it, with washing soda and borax; makes great laundry detergent and is way cheaper and probably ecologically better, and gets the clothes very clean without a bunch of perfumy smells.  Works for me.

Today I am going to Cami and LIsa’s to look at a buck. If I should decide to buy him, I will keep him at Kassy’s. She would feed him in exchange for using him, and I would bring my girls there to be serviced.  Sounds like a deal to me.  She has other bucks so it wouldn’t be adding any smell to her place.  He will have to be spectacular, however, for me to sink money into a buck.  At $50 a pop to be serviced, I could do a lot of breeding without having to deal with a buck.

The sheep are all well and happy, moving into cold and winter, as their fleeces get longer and longer.  The layers are beginning to lay well (the ones who were new in June) so eggs are starting to stack up in the frig. Time to take them to church and sell them again.

John and I, granddaughter, Laura, and her friend, Christina went to a square dance on Friday night at the Weathersfield Meeting House. It was fun. I hope they do it regularly.  SonJohn and Peter opted out: apparently it wasn’t cool enough to do or maybe it’s just because I wanted sonJohn to go that he didn’t. Never know with him.  He’s as contrary as I am, if not more so.

It snowed last night, just a bit. THere are patches of white stuff here and there on the meadow.  Nothing more than a squall, really, but exciting, nevertheless, when I took Lizzie out for her nighttime toilette to see snow coming down and some sticking.  The wind is nasty, though.  I look forward to real snow soon, though I’m somewhat conflicted, because it would be nice to have sunny, warmish weather for another month, so sonJohn can get his house framed in.

Today is the Feast of Christ the King, which means next Sunday, Advent starts, the road to Christmas.  I guess I should start to think about shopping, though I’ll do none until after Advent starts.  Bit of a purist, that way.  I hope your Thanksgiving was a blessed and happy time.  Stay warm.



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