The goatie girls have arrived!

Wednesday morning, I took Annabelle Goatie-girl to be bred, thinking I had about a week and a half before Hazel had kids, and that would give her some peace and quiet.

Yesterday morning I went out to find Hazel and three doelings. Two were three pounds each and very healthy, all dried off and walking around; clearly they had been born the evening before. The third was hyperthermic (hypo? cold and weak and almost dead!). So, I brought her into the house, gave her a nice warm bath to raise her body temperature, and had to tube her, once she was warmed up, since she wouldn’t /couldn’t suck…which meant I had to go milk out mama!  During the course of the day, I milked and tubed three times.  After dinner, I started her on the bottle.  She took about a half ounce each time, but very reluctantly, unwilling or unable to nurse properly.  But she was up and around, walking, standing, and when sleeping, being a very good girl, all wrapped in a “receiving blanket”, bound tight, and quiet for a few hours until it was time for feeding, peeing, and exercise.

This morning I went out, gave all the lambs their first CDT’s, wormed everyone, and put the sheep out to pasture. Then, I got littlest goatie girl, and put her with mama, who heard her wailing on the way and called back, eager to have her little one back. Mama was very attentive, and baby found the fountain and had a big drink.  I guess she did know how to nurse, just didn’t want that nasty plastic nipple!  (Lizzie won’t drink from plastic water containers either!  She’s a very discerning and particular dog!)  Anyway,  I’ll check every couple of hours and make sure the little one is continuing to progress. Depending on what I find, I may bring her in for the night, since it’s supposed to be below freezing tonight and she was very compromised. She was two pounds yesterday. Today, she is a little plumper, but the other two look to have grown bigger, so she’s about half their size.

This is a too dark picture of the littlest girl inside early yesterday.  She is very sweet, but was quite weak at this point.

Later in the day, she was standing and walking and quite active.

Here are the other two, out with mama yesterday.  Later today or tomorrow, I’ll try to get better photos. It has been very gloomy out, not conducive to good photos.

So, here it is 9:30 in the a.m. and I’ve already done a day’s work and am ready for a nap!  Hah!  Not bloody likely…at least not this morning.  I’m thinking I should do some spinning, or finish up that pair of socks I’m working on.  Then there’s the sweater and the shawl.  The New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival isn’t all that far away. These things should ALL be finished by then.



One Response to “The goatie girls have arrived!”

  1. Pat Bennett Says:

    Oooh, baby goats are so cute! All three are very pretty. I imagine they are fun to watch. Thanks for the photos, I enjoy seeing them very much. Cordially, Pat Bennett

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