Is there life after lambing?

Because, for sure, there isn’t much DURING lambing.  It’s the second week out of three, and with so few ewes bred (12) there isn’t much excitement. Nevertheless, I feel the need to stay close most of the time. Ah, you say, a good time to get that spring cleaning done, read those three books on Resurrection to prepare for the sermon for the Second Sunday of Easter, finish plying all that yarn I spun…the list goes on and on…but for some reason, perhaps related to the crappy weather, I am uninspired.  So I play entirely too much solitaire on the computer, spend entirely too many minutes checking email, and on the whole, am wasting the time I could use profitably. Part of the reason, I tell myself, that I haven’t, for example, attacked the perennial garden in front of the house, which desperately needs raking and sprucing up, preparatory to the new plant growth due any minute, is that somehow, I hurt my shoulder and it doesn’t want to rake or lift things higher than my head.  Probably, I pulled something lifting “green gates” (fence panels) while rearranging the shed for lambing or in trying to catch Cordelia Coopworth, who is a very large ewe, to worm her, having forgotten to do it while she was still in the lambing jug, and seeing evidence that it might be a good idea. (There is a worm bloom, often, with lambing.  The pellets are replaced by globs–more information than you want to know, I’m sure!) In any case, the final result of all this crappy, damp, windy (not fun for asthmatic stuff), cold, nasty weather, and the shoulder, and just plain boredom (How can one be bored with six books waiting to be read, and tons of chores?  Well, let me tell you…I know, I know, boredom is a state of mind we create ourselves. There’s no reason to be bored…oh, and did I mention allergies?  Tree season is upon us, so I’m groggy and tired from allergies or from the antihistimines, whatever…now I’m boring YOU!) is that I’m not accomplishing very much at all, and I look forward to not having to be here so much, and resuming my usual flitting around life.  The balance of chores, reading and “flitting” (going to Sue’s store to sit and knit, going to spinning group each Tuesday, visiting friends for tea and to check out other folks’ lambs and lives…) works for me.  Take away any of them and I am not all that thrilled.  On top of everything else, it’s the season for walking…as soon as the nasty wind and snow/rain goes away!

Complain, complain, complain.  More lambs born: mostly all boys, too dark.  Not a great year for lambs, for some reason. I keep thinking, “Ah, there are have of them left to lamb out still…” and I can hope…but I”m thinking this is simply going to be the year of the meat, and that we’ll be eating a lot of lamb next fall…which is also fine, sine we both love lamb.

Okay, RESOLVED, I am NOT going to sit around for the rest of the day!  I am going to accomplish something. (This is kind of an empty resolve, as I know that at 3 p.m. we have to leave to drive to Chelsea to pick up the piglets! So I will accomplish something today!  The sheep will be on their own for 5 hours…and I won’t feel guilty because this is something that has to be done, not something I just feel like doing.)

At least the sun is out…that’s something.


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