More lambs

I went to the shed for the evening check. All had been well at 7 p.m. when I shut them inside for the night. On the way down the driveway, I heard blatting that seemed new, and sure enough, Octavia Coopworth had twins, a white boy and a light grey girl with some white spotting, unusual.  Each weighed 11 pounds, and they were very noisy. After weighing them and putting iodine on their cords, I got them to the teats, as they seemed VERY hungry, made sure each one had a good long drink.  I left them looking for more.

And, on the cousin scene, I found Cousin Billy, who hasn’t been called that in years. No surprise, there.  And have been having a delightful ongoing conversation with him.  He will forward my email to his sisters and perhaps when they return from their vacations, I’ll hear from them, as well.  It is rather exciting to renew a family relationship with someone you knew and played with as a child, and who then disappeared from your life.

John and I were talking earlier about our next trip in summer of 2013.  (If only it were this year!)  But this way we have time to plan and explore options, I guess.  I’ve started a list of places we might want to visit, all of which need to be researched a bit before making final decisions.  We’ll need to book the time and the places in the fall.

Spring is definitely more and more obvious.  There is a patch of grass behind the shed that is already 3 inches high.  The ground isn’t frozen anymore. The road is restored, no longer the mudflats it was for the last two weeks.  Buds on the trees are swelling, some of the bigger trees are in bloom.  Allergies are also in bloom. Good ol’ tree season.  Today I saw the first bud on a crocus.  It’s time to clear the perennial garden…assuming there is a pleasant day sometime soon.  The strawberry patch is greening up and the strange new blackberry bushes, which seem to be acting more like a ground cover, are also showing signs of renewal.  The cherry tree buds are swelling.  The apple trees are a bit behind that.  Hopefully, that means the sheep can go out on pasture a bit earlier than May 5 this year, especially since I will be down to the wire on hay.  They are all way too fat; I think I’m not the only one eating too much this winter.  I have resolved to start walking again the first day it isn’t raining, which hopefully will be tomorrow afternoon.

Sunday the Sugar River Spinners meet here for our monthly meeting.  I have gotten a bunch of stuff I usually don’t keep in the house, junk food and such.  And will make a pound cake tomorrow. I have a huge shepherd’s pie in the freezer, and Vicky will bring some macaroni and cheese. We are expecting maybe 18 people, so will need a lot of food.  I know we’re supposed to be gathered to spin, but we do seem to do a lot of eating as well. Once they leave, no more junk food!


One Response to “More lambs”

  1. Pat Bennett Says:

    Hi, Betty. It is good to hear that the lambing is going so well. And I agree, there are sure signs of spring everywhere. My crocus have been opening for a while now. When we left the house for work this am, I was admiring the small, purple, “rug” they make on my front lawn.

    Enjoy your lambs! Pat

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