The lull in lambing continues.  Four ram lambs from three ewes and nothing since Friday.  This is typical.  Some time in the next two days, I expect lots of lambs again.  Meanwhile, I stay around most of the time, check every couple of hours, and try to convince myself what I want to do is spring cleaning. NOT!

I’ve been plowing my way through the fourth volume of “Sparrowhawk”, a six volume series on the causes of the American Revolution. There’s a little too much Ayn Rand in them for my liking, and way too much political detail, but I’m learning stuff. And I’ve been slowly making my way through a bunch of books on the Resurrection, as I have to preach the Second Sunday of Easter, which is April 15th, also the anniversary of my ordination.  AND, the grandkids will be here this weekend, so I’ve arranged to have them be acolytes while I am presiding at Eucharist.  We’ve never had the opportunity to do this before, so that will be fun.  Meanwhile, bodily resuscitation or not?  What was the Resurrection, anyway?  I’m working on it.

AND, last night I woke up at 3:30 a.m., with my nose all stuffed up, on the verge of a sinus headache, so I got up to let the nose run a while and clear it out.  And to make it productive, I thought I’d do a little research. My younger sister and I have been emailing back and forth about our extended family, the result of my having sent her a DVD copy of a VHS tape of a bunch of home movies of us when we were children, mostly Christmas visits to the various greatgrandparents’ and grandparents’ homes.  Three of my great grandparents died about when I was in the sixth grade, which would have made her 3 or so.  So, she emailed me and asked me who the folks were in the first segment of the DVD. They were my grandfather’s mother and her husband, the only grandfather my mother ever knew, as Grandma’s first husband took off and left her with three young children. So, she married my great grandfather (the only one I ever knew, though not biological).  And had three more kids.  They lived down the block from my father’s grandparents, where he lived. He and my Uncle Henny were friends at one point, and that’s how he met my mother, when they were quite young, early high school, I’m guessing. Anyway, my sister wondered who the three kids were at that household: my three cousins: Billy, Lynn, and Donna.  I hadn’t seen them nor heard from them since they left Jamaica for the suburbs of Philadelphia when I was in about sixth grade.  So, here it is the middle of the night.  And I googled Billy, found a possible candidate, then googled Lynn, again found a possibility, then Donna, and found a link among the three of them. Now, there couldn’t possibly be more than one set of three siblings with those same names and what appear to be approximate ages, could there? The two female cousins are on Facebook, but I don’t do facebook. The only contact information was for my male cousin, so I’ve emailed him and asked him if indeed he WAS my cousin. That was at 4 a.m. this morning, and he lives on the other side of the continent, so I don’t expect to hear from him any time soon…maybe not at all. There was some bad blood between his father and my grandfather, (his half brother) about Uncle Henny’s move, taking Grandma with him, which meant she was virtually unaccessible to my grandfather. He wasn’t very happy about that.  So, to my knowledge, there was not much in the way of communication until Grandma died. And then, none afterward.  Or at least that was my take on it as an 11 year old who wasn’t included in the discussions, but overheard some. Unhappy situation.  Well, maybe Billy (I’m sure he’s no longer called that!) will write back and we can mend the rift in the family.  Or not, as he sees fit.  In any case, it was an interesting middle of the night adventure in family hunting.  I would love to tell these cousins how much it meant  to me that their mother bought me hard covered books, first I ever owned, for Christmas gifts.  I still have the first one, “Bomba, the Jungle Boy, Among the Slaves.”  A strange choice for a girl, you may be thinking.  Maybe it was a duplicate of one Billy had. No idea. Doesn’t matter. It was mine. A real book!  And it was a great and exciting adventure story!  Then there were others.  My parents weren’t all that thrilled since books weren’t high on their list. But I read and read and read…and still do, so books are a most precious gifts…and I’ll never forget Aunt Anna Mae’s obviously picking up on that with the first book, and continuing to give me books each year.

Okay, time for my every three hour check to see how the ewes are doing. It’s a nasty day here. Sun is out, but the wind is nasty and we’ve returned to winter/spring Vermont weather.  They are predicting rain and snow showers for later in the week.  Works for me…I was tired of the 88 degree days in March in Vermont. BLECH!



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