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Off we go, into the wide,blue yonder!

June 14, 2011

…flying high into the sky…

It’s been a while, but life has been very busy.  Now, the house has been cleaned for the farm/house sitter, the pastures all fenced in, the trip made to the grain store for supplies to last three weeks, the suitcases packed, etc., and at 10 a.m. this morning, we leave for the bus to take us to the Boston airport, for our trip:  one week in Tuscany, to stay on a farm in an apartment, the train from Milan through Basel, to Paris, overnight one night, to London, overnight two nights, pick up the car, and drive to the Cotswolds, where we have a cottage for a week.  Highlights will include seeing the Donatello wooden Mary Magdalene, which I’ve wanted to see since college when I first saw a photo of it, meeting Callum Smith, a young man on the Jacob Sheep list, who lives not far from our cottage in Blockley, and a tour of “unspoiled Cotswolds” hosted by Anne, one of Angela’s oldest and dearest friends, who lives in the area, and her husband, Derek.  Also, we will travel to Abertillery, Wales, where Angela, one of my oldest and dearest friends, was born and raised and married to Mike.   And I’ve figured out how we can arrange our touring around daily Eucharist or Evensong in British Cathedrals, which all have boychoir schools, which means great choir music.  We’ve divided up the driving: John isn’t thrown by driving on the opposite side of the road, as I am, so he will drive in England. I grew up and learned to drive on LI, whose driving ethos seems much like that in Italy: I am not thrown by people trying to cut you off, passing in impossible situations, cursing at you, and in general, being very aggressive. It will be like going home, so I’ll drive in Italy. I’ve spent the last year, trying to learn some Italian, which I hope will keep us out of trouble, for the most part.  Hopefully,John will remember enough French for Paris; I doubt I will.

I am bringing my new little computer with me, and if there is wifi wherever we stay, I can post along the way with photos, if I figure out how to do all that. If not, oh, well…

We’ll be back July 2nd.  On July 5th, I start roughly three weeks as “interim” at our church, while our priests are on vacation, which means a little parish calling, services at a local nursing facility, and Sunday eucharists…and whatever emergencies come up.  It’s been 7 years since I’ve retired and done this but Ithink it will be interesting.  As part of what I’ll be doing, I’ll need to “open” the St. James Fair on July 16th (so I’ll be like Kylie Minogue, who opened the Dibley Fair on “The Vicar of Dibley”.  who would have guessed I’d have ANYTHING in common with Kylie Minogue!

Okay, time for the last “chores” for 19 days.  (Thank God our house/farm sitters are very competent, so I don’t need to worry about the animals while we’re gone. Lizzie, of course, will go to neighbors, Sonny and Dottie, her “godparents”.  She knows something is up, loves it there, but doesn’t like my leaving, but she’ll be just fine, once we’re gone.  She will undoubtedly miss doing morning chores, and especially “her” pigs.