Busy time…

Sunday morning I went out to find Lydia Coopworth with twins, have I mentioned this already?  Don’t think so…Lydia was bred to an American Wensleydale, and produced two large lambs, a white ewe and a black ram.  Here they are a couple of days old:

Nothing else seemed to be happening, so I went off to church, came home,checked everyone, still nothing happening, so I went off to Sugar River Spinners.  There was a good group. We knit and spun and ate (too much eating, actually) and laughed and compared notes on lambs,those of us who have sheep. Here’s some photos:

That’s Vicky, Candy and Chris knitting and spinning away.

Pat, Sue, and Ann, ditto.

Shari, Cindy, Judy, and Norma…having a deep conversation about something or another.

All was quiet until dinner time, when it looked like Dorcas was going into labor. She took her sweet time,and produced a lovely single ewe lamb around 9:30 p.m.  Here is thelamb with mama this morning:

Monday morning, Benjie Jacob, who is the loudest laborer of all was bawling her head off just at dawn. I went out there and she was walking around trying to find her babies, (which weren’t out yet!).  She wouldn’t move into the shed, and continued talking up a storm, and finally gave birth to twins. THEN, by picking up the twins, I was able to lead her into a nice dry pen.  She talks to them constantly, never shutting up unless she’s sleeping.  Here’s the twins this morning:

Nothing last night, but this morning, they all started calling me just at dawn, and were outside the shed, usually a pretty good indicator that something’s going on IN the shed.  And there was something going on. Portia Coopworth had had a little black jacob cross ewe lamb a couple of hours before, I’d guess, from the fact that she was pretty dried off, and Allison Jacob had a little ewe lamb about 30 seconds before I got there, I would estimate. Photos of them tomorrow or later today…Couldn’t get them in the semi-dark of this gloomy morning.

I ear tagged a few and let them out of pens to make room for the newbies.  And I went to band the tails of the wensleyworths (nice new word!) but can’t find the bands.  Hopefully, the grain store has some and I’ll get them when I go do my marketing. Meanwhile, Deirdre is acting a little strange, humming at lambs that aren’t hers.  Perhaps she’s in labor now as we speak.  I’ll check shortly, then head out to the grain store.  Six ewes left to go.

This seems to be the year of the single ewe lambs, which is fine with me!  Hopefully, the other six won’t all produce single ram lambs!  Or ram twins!


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