More lambs…

Well, for the last two mornings, I’ve come out to find lambs. Yesterday morning, Caroline Jacob presented me with a cute little ewe lamb.

The photo is a little dark, but that’s the way it was.

This morning, Lydia Coopworth was busily tending to her twins when I got out there to feed the animals.  She had a 13 lb. black ram lamb and an 11 pound white ewe lamb, sired by Zeus Wensleydale, who lives with a friend.

Brunhilde is all yellow: someone must have pooped in the amniotic fluid.  For all I know,Siegried is, too, but since he’s black, it doesn’t show. Both have lovely fleeces. His is very lustrous; can’t tell about hers with that yellow tinge!  Both seem fine.

And today, I also let out of the lambing pen, Octavia Coopworth and her twin coopworth/jacob crosses, Hansel and Gretel. They are all happy to be out in the sun.

They’re feeling a little low,having been stabbed in the ear for tags and having a rubber band put around their tails.  But they seem to be enjoying life.

Meanwhile, the rams are looking on. Are they wondering which lambs are theirs?  The only ones out belong to Isaiah (Ike–don’t do nicknames!), the guy on the left.

I’m not really sure they care at all whose is whose!  Mostly, I’ll bet,they’re sniffing to see if any of them are hot to trot.  There are two possibilities: the little yearling and the coopworth who didn’t settle. But they aren’t going to be able to do anything about it!

Okay, no one else looks to be in labor, so I need to go get into church clothes and head off to Woodstock to church. This afternoon is spinning, so I’ll be home to check on everyone and if nothing’s happening, I’ll be off to spinning. Busy day!


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