Too late for a photo

I won’t be posting a photo of little Abigail, I’m afraid.  She died just a short while ago.  No idea why.  These things happen…but not to ME, a little voice in me says.   Ah, yes, the voice of wisdom, calm and reassuring echoes back, yes, even to you.  It is easier if you have a reason: pneumonia or some kind of internal birth defect you can see the result of, some disease. But she was a spunky little lamb,  who just stopped eating, I guess, and by the time I discovered it, tubing her didn’t help…or maybe she stopped eating because there WAS some sort of internal defect…or maybe she only tried one side of Mom, which,when I milked her out, wasn’t giving any.  Maybe she never tried the other side, which was full of milk.  Who knows…it happens.  It’s sad.  Mom is out there bawling her head off, and will for about 24 hours  I’ll leave her penned up so she doesn’t try to steal the other lamb that’s out there and cause havoc.   It’s hard listening to her. Having lost a child, I know what that feels like.  I’m not sure sheep feel it to the same degree as humans, but she certainly is crying her heart out.

Hopefully, the rest of lambing season will go smoothly with many good and healthy lambs.  It’s a little scary, since this hasn’t ever happened to me before.  I’ve described the whole scene on my jacob sheep list, and hope for some ideas from other breeders.  By the time I found her, it was way too late to call a vet. She would have been dead before we left the yard…assuming I could find one on a Sunday.  So ends the life of little Abigail Jacob.


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