I’m back…

I’ll bet you all thought I’d died, or at least given up on posting to this blog.  Well, not really. It’s just been an intensely busy few months.  More shows than usual in the Fall, then gearing up for Christmas, then winter cold,during all of which, I’ve been desperately doing Rosetta Stone Italian, in an effort to learn enough to get by on our trip to Tuscany and the Cotswolds this June.  This has been a good year. No falling down flights of stairs, no throwing out my knee, no other major injuries: a respite from the “clumsies”  And now we’re back into the “season”.

Shearing was St. Patrick’s Day.  There was a reporter from the Valley News here and also the following Saturday at Lise’s. This morning there should be an article on us all in the Sunday Valley News.  If you google them, you can see photos and the story, I guess.  John just went out to get the paper.

And soon after shearing, the possibility of lambs starts. This year they’ve been putting it off. The first lamb came yesterday: a little 6 lb. ewe lamb with a lovely face, a plaintive baa, and a body to dark to register.  Hopefully,like last year, someone will call and want a pet lamb.  The fleece looks lovely. Photo to follow sometime today.  12 more to go. (One seemingly didn’t get bred.)

It is very cold this morning, as it was yesterday.  I think it’s the last gasp of winter. 12-14 degrees the end of March is just a bit cold for me. Funny how it can seem balmy in January.  I think,then, however, it is a drier cold.  The damp cold of March and April is worse.

More later…gotta’ go read the article.


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