Well, the weather guy said that maybe, just maybe we’d have frost tonight…and the leaves were dying back on the squashes, so this morning after chores, I harvested them: it wasn’t a great year, with very little water, so I didn’t get nearly as many as last year, but I have 4 of those fancy French ones, whose name I always forget, 4 blue hubbard, two golden hubbard, two Anna Swartz hubbard, many butternut of two varieties, a handful of delicata, and for me, about 15 butternut, to make soup!  So, Kay, if you are reading this, Tuesday I will have a car full of squash!

Got them all up to the porch (some of those suckers are heavy), and got a call from Boz, that he’d be over for the pigs. This year it was hard getting them in a small pen, which we accomplished just as Boz pulled up.  However, since I didn’t have time to tie down all the connections for the green gates so they couldn’t toss them and take off, we had to stay while he shot and bled them…yech!  He winched them up into his truck and took off to do the stuff you do before hanging.  We went out to lunch at the Red Barn (read, simple)and came back for a short nap.  I didn’t feel real refreshed afterwards, but the sheep needed moving, AND the meat birds needed moving to clean ground, so…now it’s all done, and I’m wiped.  I had thought to work on my painting this afternoon, but now, I don’t think there’s time before dinner, so I guess I’ll leave it.  Saturday and Sunday, I’m working at Hodge Podge in Newport: she is having a gigantic sale, hundreds of skeins at 40-50% and more off.  So, she needs more help.  I’m game!  I’ve already bought a ton of stuff at ridiculous prices…now I have to spend the winter knitting!

It feels good to have accomplished so much, but it also feels like I’ve been run over by a truck, so the rest of the night I do nothing but read and talk to Bobby and Ian who are coming to visit.  I hope you have a great weekend, wherever you are…and if you’re near Newport, AND you knit, I highly recommend you come visit…on Belknap Ave., at the end of the town common.


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