Ready, set, go!

Okay, I’m ready!  100 plants have been dug and I quit, even though there aren’t 300 plants!  Yard sale stuff has been transported, mostly all with prices on each piece.  In faith, I decided that it was time to get rid of the baby highchair, the Melissa and Doug wooden doll house, the wooden shape box, and a bunch of other baby toys. (Laura is 7=1/2 and hasn’t played with most of it for years.  Theoretically, John and Vicki are finished having children. They are, after all, 40 and have three kids!)  The car is packed with fleeces and yarn and boxes of goods to take to the Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair on Saturday.  The signs are ready to put out on the various roads leading to our yard/perennial sale tomorrow.  It’s time to relax for the evening, for the next three days will be busy, busy, busy.

Monday, I have to corral the sheep and give the second CDT to the lambs. Thursday, I have to separate out the ones who are leaving on Saturday, to give them a couple of days to whine before they go to new homes and drive new owners crazy.  The pigs go out on pasture maybe Friday?  Maybe Monday?  When there’s time, sometime this week.   The turkey poults and chicks are in the brooder, unfortunately, squeezing through back and forth to each other’s sides, and until tomorrow, too bad…I just haven’t got any energy left to deal with it.

Have a good weekend.  If you are traveling, go safely.  If you are staying home, relax and enjoy! When this weekend is over, the Spring rush is past, and lazy Summer takes over.  I am anticipating 16 pounds of roving coming back from Zeilinger, and dyeing bits of it in creative ways all summer.  And spinning the most beautiful coopworth, white and dark…very dark.  I saved two pounds of each for me.  The rest is going to the festival and hopefully, will be sold.  Ditto, jacob and romney.


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