Wow, that’s fast!

Last week, after one day spending four hours with various techies at various computer and internet provider places, I finally managed to get hooked up to our new broadband hi speed internet.  Today, I hit the button to get me to “Add New Post” and instead of taking five minutes (while I knitted a couple of row or cleaned the toilet) it was up and ready to go in five seconds.  Wow!  That’s fast!  I doubt very much if it means I’m going to spend lots of time surfing the net for stuff; it’s akin to watching tv, something else I don’t do.  But it might well mean, as friend, Wayne, suggested, that I’ll be posting more often here, since it doesn’t take half a sock to finish the post.

Today it is supposed to hit records for Vermont, meaning 94 or so…blech!  I hate heat!   A friend was bemoaning the efforts of feeding livestock in winter; I’d much rather feed them in winter than in summer!  In summer, I try to get out there by 6:15 or so, and work til 8:30 or 9:00 a.m., then inside, close up the house and not do outside chores again til the next morning, or at least after dinner, bugs permitting!

Yesterday I blew it. I was supposed to go to church to open it up for a new knitting group, which has been meeting monthly, and had just gone to weekly. What with getting ready for the yard/perennial sale and for the Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend in Cummington, Mass., I totally forgot about the knitting thing.  I hadn’t written it down in my calendar, and moreover, didn’t even look at my calendar, so it wouldn’t have done any good if I had.  The older I get, the more I have to make lists and check calendars.  It wasn’t like this 10 years ago!  I don’t like it!

Okay, now that I’ve told you the big list of things I don’t like, let me tell you what I do like!  I like digging the perennials that need splitting and potting them and trucking them to my neighbor’s for our sale…I visit a few nurseries, check prices, and price ours at least half what they charge in nurseries.  I like going through the house and eliminating everything I haven’t used twice  in five years, other than family heirlooms.  It keeps the clutter down some.  I like having a booth at the Mass. Sheep festival, seeing folks I haven’t seen since last year this time, spending two days knitting, spinning, talking, selling, with no other responsibilities.  Getting ready for it, packing up, and such is a bit of a hassle, since it’s the same weekend as the yard/perennial sale (and no, I can’t bi-locate like Roman Catholic saints of old; Dottie does the sale by herself on Saturday! The sale is Friday and Saturday; the festival Saturday and Sunday.)  Last year, and this, Sue and I opted to get a room locally, and stay overnight, instead of driving back and forth the approximately two hours to the site every day. It makes it a lot more relaxing for me, but John is already having second thoughts about having to take care of Lizzie for two days.  Fine time to tell me!  There are no other options, since Dottie is doing the yard sale, and Sue is with me!  He said he’d do it a few weeks ago…Men!

The lambs continue to grow well.  Next weekend, several will go to new homes, which will certainly help my grass!  They are running through a lot of it now.  When the population gets down, it will be easier on me, not having to change pastures quite so often.   I think I have folks committed to buying all but one of the sheep, maybe two.  This is the first time this has happened so early.  It’s kind of exciting.  (Other than the 3 I will save for meat, and the one I will keep for breeding.)

I got 10 little chicks from the grain store last week. One died, so nine left. This week, six turkeys come, and next week, 15 more…Then we are in good shape, with no additions ’til August when the meat birds come.

I have sold out of jacob fleeces, but fortunately, have a few of my friend, Lasell’s, to sell at Mass., and will pick up some from another friend today, I believe.  That should get us through this show.  And I have some roving to sell as well: coopworth, jacob, and some romney.  And, of course, all the socks I’ve been making all winter while watching Netflix…so hopefully, it will be worthwhile, and I’ll at least pay for my expenses.

Okay, time to head out to the grain store.  Have a grand day, and keep cool, if you’re reading this from a part of the country destined to boil today.


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