Rushing around…

This is the day we pack for the festival and go set up… My truck is packed, I mowed about an acre, the sheep are out on pasture, the chickens are tilling my garden, the piglets are doing a beautiful job tilling the ram pen, it’s 8:30 a.m. and already, I’m wiped!  At 1:30, John and I will head to Sue’s and load up the truck and her van, and we’ll head to the fairgrounds at 3, set up, and then have some dinner at the Salt Hill Pub in Newport, and then, finally, head home to bed.  Tomorrow will be a long day. The weather forecast for the weekend is for rain on Saturday and a high of 52 on Sunday, so I guess I’d better break out some winter clothes!  For this area, snowshowers are predicted for tomorrow night.

Here’s a photo of the lambs on 5/1, still in winter quarters, with their moms, eating hay.  Today, they are on pasture eating grass, photo after the weekend!

The piglets are still a bit shy around me.


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