Spring is sprung!

Well, Wednesday we had snow.  We only had about 2 inches which melted very quickly with the rain that followed.  But in Northern Vermont, they had 10-12 inches…Thursday and Friday the temperatures dipped below freezing in the morning…Yesterday it was 70; today it was 88 in the afternoon, an hour south of here, where we went to look for perennials.   Probably it was only 85 here…by the time we got home, it was 77, where it’s holding now.

John got his Miata out as soon as we got home; he’s taking it for a drive to warm it up now.  The Buick can’t come out until he gets some new wires for the spark plugs or something…I wasn’t really listening carefully. It was enough to know he had trouble finding them, got the run-around from some local auto store, and finally ended up ordering them on line from some place that deals with parts for old cars.  (The Buick is a 1955.)

I’ve been busy with all sorts of things, lambing until the week after Easter; grandkids here the week before Easter, and since mid-April, spinning and knitting up a storm, and washing fleeces preparatory to the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival, which is Mother’s Day weekend at the Hopkinton, N.H. State fair grounds in Contoocook, N.H.  In addition, I’ve been helping out at shearings, first at Donald’s, then at Suzie’s, then at Ian’s and then at Lasell’s…so I’ve touched base with David, Andy, and Gwen, fine shearers all.  I have to say that Gwen, who is David’s daughter , is a remarkable shearer. She has spent several winters in New Zealand shearing with the pros, and she is FAST!  and GOOD!

When the grandkids were here, Peter took  and incubator, an egg turner, 20 fertile eggs (theoretically), a brooder and lamp, and chick food, home with him, to set up in school to hatch out eggs, with his teacher’s permission.  It’s been an exciting couple of weeks for him and for his classmates, waiting for hatching day.  And finally, on Monday last it came.  I went out in the morning, and returned at 12:30 to find two desperate messages on my message machine from Peter:  “Granny, pick up, I KNOW you’re home.  Granny, this is Peter.  No eggs have hatched yet.  What should we do?”  He didn’t leave a return number, and we are old fashioned enough, or rather, our phones are old enough, so that we don’t have caller ID, so I waited. My son called about an hour later to say that one was pipping.  Later in the day, while I was out feeding the animals, Peter called again: “Granny, It’s Peter…pick up!  The chick isn’t out yet. What should we do?”  Again no return number, but then I remembered Star 69, called and got the number, which was obviously a business number, the school, I figured, so I called and they put me through to his classroom. (I didn’t realize that every class had phones!) Anyway, the bottom line was the chick hadn’t yet hatched. I told him it was okay, to just go home on the bus, and in the morning, there’d undoubtedly be at least one chick, maybe more.  Next morning, there were two, and later that morning, another pipped. The teacher hooked up some video thingie to it, and projected it onto the wall so the whole class could see what was going on while they did their lessons. Ain’t technology grand?  They all got to see the chick hatch.  But no more…so Peter took home three chicks that night to brood at home.  If they are boys, I get them…that was part of the deal. They live in a neighborhood, and although my son has no qualms about annoying his neighbors, I won’t be a party to that, so the deal was I get all boys.  Hopefully, they aren’t all boys.

The lambs are growing.  They are now eating hay alongside their mothers, and the mothers are limiting the amount of time they nurse.  Last Saturday, I brought home our piglets for this year, two sweet little tamworth girls who are earning their keep tilling the ram pen for me so I can plant it full of squash.

I tried to upload photos but something weird is going on and I can’t seem to figure out how to do it…so next time, assuming I can figure it all out.

If you go to the NH Sheep festival, look for me at the Hodge Podge booth.  (I share a booth with my friend, Sue.)


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