Lambs, lambs, lambs…

Well, I tried to post yesterday, but somehow as I tried to publish it, it disappeared, so I’ll try again today…

For the past two days, lambs have been coming at an extraordinary rate. Generally, one ewe a day goes into labor, but it must have been an interesting Fall, because two days ago, two ewes delivered, then yesterday, three, and one this morning, so far…

Here are some photos…

The above are Turtle and her twins. The little girl is way too dark to be registered,but maybe someone will want a nice dark fleece on a sheep, and not want to register…otherwise…lambchops….

Both coopworths have delivered twins.  Octavia had one ewe, one ram; Lydia had two ram lambs…cute but definitely meat.  Here’s a photo of one of them, Octavia, I think…

And then, there is Dorcas, with her single ram lamb:

And, then Fine Fettle Jacqueline and her twin ram lambs:

Then, this morning, I went out to find Amanda hovering over a sweet tiny ewe lamb, and a little ram lamb, who had evidently wandered off by himself,shivering, cold, and not cleaned off.  His ears were cold, but more importantly, his tongue was cold, so I milked out mama of about 2 oz. of colostrum, brought him inside and put him next to the woodstove in a towel, and coaxed the colostrum into him.  Then after a half hour, repeated the process. This time, he was most eager and drank it down with gusto.  A half hour after that,he was all warmed up,and I took him back to his mama.  He went right over to her and started to search for milk…all is well.

The little ewe is in front.  She is adorable.

Now, I need to go out and check on them again,hoping there won’t be any more lambs today.  My grandkids are coming tomorrow, and I’d really like them to get to see some lambs born.  The way these girls have been popping though…

Well, I’m pretty well decided to keep Hepzibah (the only one I’ve named so far), one of the first twin ewes born.  That leaves me with 3 ewe lambs so far, one of whom is not registerable.   Hopefully, the remaining four ewes will have some good looking girls!


One Response to “Lambs, lambs, lambs…”

  1. Mary Kasamatsu Says:

    Hello, Betty,

    When it comes time to find a home for the little ewe that’s too dark to register, please contact me. I have a small spinner’s flock and I would like to have a Jacob along with my Shetlands and Romney.


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