Farmwife chores…

Okay, it’s started…the season when I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  Yesterday, I canned 7 quarts and 9 pints of beans.  There will be more to do today, but I’m waiting for John to finish picking the beans before beginning today’s canning, which probably means I won’t get to it ’til after lunch.  He is already behind on his chores, so I doubt he’ll have them in in time for me to get them canned before leaving for Donald’s at 10:30 or so.

It’s also time for more banana bread making, as I have a ton and a half (slight exaggeration) of bananas from Black River Produce. There’s only so many that the chickens and pigs will eat before they go bad!  The turkeys won’t eat them…Haven’t tried the sheep.  So, yesterday I made 8 loaves; most are in the freezer at the moment.  I left two out for tomorrow is my turn for “coffee hour” at church.  Today, I’ll make another four loaves, but have to wait til the afternoon, since I gave most of the eggs to Kirk to take to his next destination on his family roundabout trip this week.  Temporarily, I’m out of eggs!  By this afternoon, hopefully, there’ll be another half dozen eggs, which will just do it for the banana bread.

Donald called last night, and today I’m going to his place to help him decide what to cull and what to keep.  He has different flock goals than I do, doesn’t register his sheep, but is a good friend, and it’s fun to go have tea with him and check out his sheep.  (Probably when he says, which of these two would you keep, he keeps the one I don’t choose! But who cares; it’s always fun to go talk sheep with another breeder.)

Tomorrow morning I’ve volunteered to help neighbor, Julie, who is on the board of the Weathersfield Historical Society (yawn), with the “Frippery,” a glorified yard sale they hold each year.  So, I’ll be busy smiling for a few hours in the morning, and taking money from people looking for bargains.  I seldom get to this event, and haven’t really helped with it.  Interestingly, JOHN is a member of the WHS, but I am not.  Nevertheless, it’s ME they asked to help.  I will never understand these people!  I’m sure there’s great value in what they do, but they seem to obsess on details of the past.  (I know, I know, those who pay no attention to history are condemned to repeat it, or something like that…Santayana? Spelling? A LONG time ago…)

It is a glorious day, my kind of Vermont summer day: cool this morning (50), bright and sunny, no humidity, high supposed to be around 75.  A good day to get stuff done, either inside or out.  I don’t know how people manage canning in hot, humid N.J. and places like it.


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