Another doe delivers…

Daisy just had a little baby doeling:


She also weighed 2 lbs.  At the point this was taken, she still hadn’t gotten up yet.  It’s been an hour since then, and I’m headed out to see if Mom’s got her up and drinking yet.  (I make mom VERY nervous, so I left.)


3 Responses to “Another doe delivers…”

  1. Eulalia (Lali) Benejam Cobb Says:

    What adorable goatlets! Congratulations! I hope they are all doing fine. And I hope you’re holding up well through this busy season.

  2. skepweaver Says:

    Yay for reproduction!

    (First lamb arrived here yesterday afternoon (a ewe). I was at the Spring Fiber Show all day, and came home to find the new arrival. Interestingly, we’d ahd visitors during the day, and Richard had taken them down to see the mule and chickens and SHEEP, and failed to notice anything unusual. Sigh. All seems to be well, however, with a sturdy and very insistent lamb bouncing on her mother’s udder.)


  3. Candice Duell Says:

    Oh I love spring, and all the babies! Daisy did a wonderful job. Congrats!

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