Phil saw his shadow, I’m told…

Big surprise! We’re gonna’ have another six weeks of winter…Actually, ONLY six more weeks of winter sounds pretty good to me. I don’t think Puxatawney Phil has much relevance up here. I’ve been plugging away at quilts and knitting, slowly making progress. I’ve gotten four quilts stuffed, tied, and bound (small ones) with one more small one to go.  And I still haven’t gotten my log cabin blocks laid out and pinned so I can sew those.  I’m working on a “Cozy Cabin” pattern quilt, the result of a class two weeks ago at Country Treasures, in Chester.  I’m hoping to have all these quilts done by Feb. 14th, when I have another class.  And I’ve been using the leftover yarn from my St. Patrick’s Day sweater from last year to make a little baby sweater.  So, little by little, the stash is getting used up.  Only 6 weeks to go until shearing, however, and there’s still some fiber in the basement to spin, so I have to get busy on that or give it away by 3/15, in keeping with my rule about holding over fleece from one year to the next.

The sheep are starting to fatten up some, looking pregnant…at least some of them. I’m still wondering if one of the rams I got new last year actually bred anyone.   He seemed monumentally uninterested at the time.  And several of the girls are just not looking all that pregnant. On the other hand, most of the ones in with him were yearlings, first timers, and so they don’t spread quite the way the older ones do, and normally only have singles, ditto.  Time will tell.  It’s always fun at shearing, when they are upended, to see if any remain unbred. I wouldn’t be all that disappointed to only have 7 of them bred, instead of a dozen, plus the two coopworths.

Lizzie continues to become civilized.  She’s almost a year old now (Valentine’s Day) and comes when called, if slowly and only with coaxing, sits and lies down  (if sometimes she gets the two confused), and in general, is much better behaved than she was two months ago.  I can see some light at the end of this behaviour training tunnel.  She continues to be a very sweet little dog.

Friends all over the country are starting to report lambs, and send photos.  This is the time I start to get itchy, but with the weather so cold, I’m not all that impatient. I keep thinking that if I were lambing now, I’d be out in single digit and below zero type weather, and that cools my impatience pretty quickly.  All in good time…all in good time.


2 Responses to “Phil saw his shadow, I’m told…”

  1. patchworkfibers Says:

    General Beau Lee (replacing the late General Beauregard) saw his shadow in Georgia. Of course, a cold Georgia winter is probably like a mild Vermont spring :-), but I am happy to hear that spring is close. We had wind chills of -16 this week and that’s cold anywhere.

  2. perlhandlerevolver Says: ! We have some musings of our own on the subject.

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