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Yes, we did!

November 10, 2008

The election is over.  Obama has won.  We are elated, as are most of the people we know.  To me, as a multi-racial person, he is in himself a symbol of what this country says it stands for, a place where money isn’t the only thing that speaks, where a kid brought up by a single parent, and his grandparents (a lot like many of the people on my road!) can get an education, and become President.  Granted, he’s got to be an extraordinary person to rise to such heights, but he did it!  And somehow, for me, his election is so important in a country with a history of slavery.  Granted, racism is still around us in lots of ways, just like prejudice against women, gays and lesbians, old people, and children, to mention a few.  But Obama’s election gives me and all those who have experienced prejudice on the basis of race, gender, age, religion, whatever, hope for our future and the future of our grandchildren.  I look forward to seeing what he can do towards stabilizing our position in the world, the economy, Global warming. I’m sure we will all have to pitch in and help…and that’s a good thing.

On a more mundane note, the “achiness” I was feeling after moving sheep around, turned out to be exacerbated by a three day intestinal thing, a fall on my butt I took while moving the sheep around, a quick six hour each way trip to N.J., and life, i guess, the result of which is that my hip has not been a nice person!  Finally, the ache is getting less pronounced each day.  And then yesterday, stupid me messed it up again with lifting two lambs into the truck of Mila, who came to pick up the last two lambs.  So, this morning, I’m aching more than yesterday morning…but still less than the whole first week.  So, I’m not concerned, particularly.  If it doesn’t continue to improve, then I’ll have to go see my doctor.  Meanwhile, it means I’m not doing a lot of walking around outside on unlevel ground, doing fencing, etc. Hopefully, the weather will hold and I’ll get all the fencing in to transfer the pigs when the time comes. I’ve gotten about half of it done so far.

I’m down to 18 sheep, and one of those will be going to the butcher by Jan. 1, same as the pigs.  All the chickens destined for the freezer are in it; the geese are sold and being picked up tomorrow.  The turkeys will be butchered later this month.  So, slowly, I’m getting down to winter status.  It will be good to have a bit of a break in terms of the amount of time necessary to feed and water all the animals each day.

The sheep are in breeding groups.  Two of the three males are very interested and actively purusing the girls. The third, however, just doesn’t seem all that turned on. Either that or he’s a prude and will only breed or show interest in the dark.  We’ll find out in April, I guess.

Some very sad news yesterday.  The 52 year old son of good friends of ours was killed on his tractor yesterday when it fell over and crushed him.  His parents had gone to Florida for the winter, their usual November-March sojourn. Today, they fly back home to be with family.  My heart goes out to them.