Springtime on the farm…

It’s finally a Spring day out there, though it is threatening to thunder sometime this afternoon.  Humid, and glary out.  But a good day to walk around and look at what’s happening:

Violet and Rosie O’Goatie straining to get through the green gates to visit with Lizzie and me.  Soon they will be out on pasture…just as soon as I call Dave Kennard and get more fencing.

Four out of five of the month old American Buff Geese (fifth was a bit apart, and couldn’t get her/him into the photo) exploring their new digs, pastured geese!

Gloria and Evelyn (named after two of my mother’s cousins) waiting patiently to get into their pastured area…first, they have to come to me for scratchies, so I know that if they get out, they WILL come to me.

Last but certainly, not least, the sheep out on pasture, such as it is (Please, can we have some good rain!), mostly resting under the pine tree to get away from mosquitos and black flies.

I just transferred the turklets down to the shed in a bigger cage, where the goaties are checking them out.  Photos next time I’m down there, I guess.

Now, I have to dig more perennials.  A woman at John’s work wants an order of several.  I want to dig them now (those not already dug) to give them time to acclimate before delivery on Monday.


3 Responses to “Springtime on the farm…”

  1. Sara Says:

    Great seeing you and Lizzie today…

  2. Marie Says:

    I fell onto your blog when searching for goat pictures lol.. I wrote a post about goat herding in Corsica! Your farm pictures are magical! Happy Blogging!

  3. skepweaver Says:

    Ol’ MacDonald has nothin’ on you, Betty.

    Your photo makes me wish for geese again. I really did enjoy them. They are curious and intelligent, and will find things to play with as they grow. Maybe next year, I’ll start some new ones. Ours were Pilgrims, a gentle breed, and lovely in the field. I forget what yours are?


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