More lambs…

Here’s Susanna’s little ewe lamb:


She was born last night around 7 p.m.  And this morning, when I went out to feed them at around 7 a.m., I found Fiona with a little ewe lamb, all dried off, so must have been born middle of the night, I’d say.


Hmm…doesn’t look like she has knee patches on her front legs…will have to check…and if she’s wearing black socks, they are that kind that stop at the ankles!  We shall see…


3 Responses to “More lambs…”

  1. Sara Says:

    Oh, they are precious! So tiny…and cute!!! Makes me want to hug them.

    The first little rams are adorable too…So exciting!!!

  2. gillian Says:

    And so it begins! My other 3 are holding on tight to their lambs, watch them all twin on the same day.

    May the rest be ewes or at least delicious!

  3. Rich Says:

    Very cool. My daughter (3) was introduced to some lambs a couple of weeks ago and absolutely has to have a couple now, but I’m hoping starting her out with a couple of chickens will make her happy for now. 🙂

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