I’m still typing with one finger, which drives me mad, it’s so slow going, but I thought an update might be in order!

my lovely black and blue, with liver colored raccoon marked face is almosy back to normal, so I fear I won’t be able to use it to scare young children (and squeamish adults) on Halloween this year!  Oh, well…it’s actually nice not to have my grandkids look at me as if someone let Godzilla in the room!  I had surgery on the smashed wrist on Monday.  The 24 hours after the nerve block wore off were interesting, but here it is, five days later, and though it still aches, most of it is easily controlled by tylenol…so you know it can’t be all that bad!  Mostly I’m bored at this point!  The number of things one takes for granted which require two hands is remarkable.  And I’m eagerly awating Tuesday, and first post op visit, for my half splint is beginning to get that lovely no shower dirty socks smell!

Right now I’m awaiting Lucas, in the hopes he can catch the four shetland ewes I need to deliver to a customer…more things impossibe with one arm in a sling!  Yesterday, I actually dug up some gladioli bulbs, one handed.  My back was not happy about that last night!   Onward and upward. The weather has turned cool and there is widespread heavy frost predicted for tonight.  We may even need to turn on the heat!  Have a great weekend, wherever you are!


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