New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival

This weekend, the “season” starts, with the festival at Hopkinton State Fair Grounds, in Contoocook, off exit 7 of I-89.  130 vendors, sheep show, dog demos, classes, spinners, knitters, weavers, sheep, alpacas, goats, rabbits, fleeces, handknits, lamb sausage for lunch, …

It is something we all look forward to because we get to renew acquaintances with other vendors/shepherds/spinners, etc. whom we haven’t seen all winter.  From now til October, we’ll see each other at the major shows.  It is a fun weekend, for sure.  Maybe I’ll even see some of the folks who read this blog there!  Hope so!  Right now, I’m busily trying to get cards made, weigh and label fleeces, finish up those socks which are lying in a pile, waiting for the finishing part, which I hate, cleaning out the back of the truck to hold all the stuff we have to transport to the fair…You can find me at the Hodgepodge Yarns and Fibers booth, along with my friends, Sue and Betty I.  See you at the Fair!


3 Responses to “New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival”

  1. Lasell Bartlett Says:

    I looked without success via google for more detailed info for directions and schedule for the day, etc. — can you direct me someplace?

  2. thewoolleyfarm Says:

    Here’s the link:
    guess someone should tell them that might be a better name!

    see ya there!

  3. skepweaver Says:

    The weekend’s drawing to a close… wish I could have been there with you! I await an account of the festivities!


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