Blade Shearing at Suzanne’s

dsc00198-medium-web-view.jpgMy friend Suzanne had a mini-sheep festival yesterday, with spinners, knitters, lots of sheep, open farm with pigs, cows, chickens, goats, as well as her three sheep to be shorn. Kevin Ford came from Massachusetts to shear these three sheep. Afterwards she served lunch. And someone suggested her dog needed shearing. Jip is a sheltie, a tubby little guy, who has had some skin issues lately, and REALLY needed a haircut. Enter famous, award winning blade shearer, author of “Shearing Day”, and what do you get: a funny looking partly naked blade shearer sheltie. I guess I should have taken a photo of the final result, but he looked so funny, I didn’t think he’d much like his photo taken. Anyway, I’m sure he’ll be a lot cooler for the summer, and hopefully, this will allow his skin thing to heal. My Margaret gets a “summer haircut” every summer. She hates it while it’s being done. And she walks around embarrassed for a day or two, until she realizes how cool it is, and then she loves it. She can come in and isn’t restricted to her bed because she’s a “swampy”, because she doesn’t have all that long border collie hair hanging down and getting muddy every time she goes into a stream or through some mud. Another month and Margaret, like Jip, will be sporting summer haircut!


One Response to “Blade Shearing at Suzanne’s”

  1. Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns Says:

    I confess that I now too shear one of my Pekingeses each summer – she grows such a huge coat that it would be cruel not to. She also is rather confused for a day or two, but then skips around like a puppy in her light summer T shirt and shorts!

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